Our Vision

To REINVENT a new outdoor reality through TECHNOLOGY and IMAGINATION.

The Founders

Néstor and May reside in China. Having already built a successful brand, Néstor convinced May to join him in starting a new adventure -- WHITE MONTE.

Néstor is an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience and a passion for branding and digital marketing - and his past ventures have resulted in great success. May is also an enterprising lady, and her specialty is in production and logistics.

  • We Value Innovation and Quality

    Living in China has amazing benefits! We are exposed to cutting-edge technology and have a direct line to incredible factories. We are surrounded by technological advancements that we can take advantage of, which lets us make our outdoor products even better and more innovative. Plus, we get to be in close contact with our suppliers, not only by email but also by visiting them in person, which helps us ensure trustworthiness in the products we create.

  • Customer Experience, a Foundation

    Néstor is so passionate about brands like Tesla and Apple, which he finds inspiring. As an outsider in China, he knows the high standard of customer expectations. That's why he wants WHITE MONTE to be amazing when it comes to customer experience, from small things like labeling and packaging to the products themselves, each product offered by WHITE MONTE is thoughtfully created with the goal of making our customers smile from ear to ear when they receive it.


A young brand with a lot of experience behind and big dreams ahead. Join us in this new adventure, and we will put our hearts and souls into not disappointing you.