What is an electric jacket?

What is an electric jacket?

Electric Jacket? A lot of people must have a big question mark on their heads when they hear this word, how to add electricity to a jacket?

Actually, this is new tech, so in cold winter, you don’t need to wear one slayer by another puffer jacket when you go out, one electric jacket is totally enough to keep you warm and comfortable. It can replace leather jackets, black jackets, puffer jackets, jean jackets, and so on.

Electric Jacket is a Heated Jacket, USB Heating Coat

Beat the cold with this heated jacket. So, when winter and the cold seasons come, you won’t have to cover yourself with a bunch of coats over the other. Imagine going outside to get something or to run some errands in the cold season. You have to put on so many clothes just to keep warm. First, you wear your shirt, over it is your jacket, and still, you have to put on another layer of thick coat. Then you get out of the house looking larger than life. It is such a hassle and not to mention, difficult to move around having thick clothes all over you. But, with this heated jacket, it is like bringing your heater wherever you go. You don’t have to worry about wearing so much when this jacket alone can keep you warm all winter.

Getting a damp coat only adds coldness to you. However, this one is waterproof so it will continually keep you warm even if it is snowing or drizzling. It is also stain resistant so it is not difficult to wash this.

One button controls everything.

One button to heat, three-stall temperature control, intelligent heating. General USB interface power supply, longer service life.

To fully enjoy the heating experience of this heated jacket, simply follow these simple instructions: First, you can charge this jacket via your USB plug. Once you've done that, you can remove the USB plug right after. When all is well, you will access the charging treasure and then press the switch of the power bank outlet. Press and hold the temperature switch for about 2 seconds and wait for the red light to flash. After 5 minutes, it will turn into a white light indicating manual temperature control.

From there you can choose how warm you want it to be with the three modes. Blue light for low temperature, gray light for medium temperature, and red light for high temperature.

We hope so because our heated jacket now comes in different colors and both for men's jackets and women's jackets! Spruce up your wardrobe with this beautiful color. However, being stylish isn’t the only important thing; being warm is too! That’s why this jacket is wind and water-resistant and washable... Plus, with 3 heating components, you won’t have to worry about layering or getting cold! If your jacket can brave the elements, so can you. Whether you’re putting up your hood and walking your dog in the rain or enjoying a day in the garden, this jacket offers the ultimate warmth and flexibility. The weather may be unpredictable, but the reliability of this jacket isn’t! A one-touch LED button with 3 different heat settings, Low, Medium, and High, provides easy heat controls on the jacket. The insulated puffer jacket has a detachable hood to protect it during extreme weather conditions.

The White Monte jacket is an insulated puffer jacket that is the perfect blend of fashion and utility. You can now look stylish while staying warm and cozy in all conditions. White Monte battery heated apparel utilizes innovative technology designed to warm the core body temperature. These revolutionary garments feature built-in heating panels and are made with material that provides lightweight warmth, comfort, and versatility.

White Monte heated garments use FAR infrared heating and heat reflective technology to deliver hours of heat and comfort.White Monte allows you to stay warm and enjoy outdoor winter activities longer than ever before.

Available in both men’s and women’s cuts, White Monte heated jacket impressed us with excellent performances during our series of tests. Setting up the slender battery is very intuitive, and the LED light-up button on the chest makes it easy to cycle through the heat settings. The light also means it's effortless to check which heat setting is on, with a blue light indicating low heat, white medium heat, and red meaning you’re receiving the highest level of warming. It’s a useful function for quickly checking the temperature setting, however, since it’s visible to those around you, the outer LED light is slightly brighter than we wished. 

If you’re looking for a versatile, sleek winter jacket, the White Monte Men’s Heated Jacket 3-in-1 with Battery Pack is a great choice. We love how functional the jacket is: it includes a lightweight shell and a detachable puffer fleece to layer. The water-resistant shell is perfect for rainy or windy weather, and the puffer fleece is the ideal layering piece for brisk days when the heating component will help you stay warm. Setting up the jacket and battery pack was slightly confusing in testing, with the button to turn on the low, medium, and high heat settings seemingly hidden in the puffer.  the button and placed the battery pack in its designated pocket, the heating was easy and intuitive to use. This jacket is exceptionally comfortable thanks to its soft and plush fleece interior that didn’t feel bulky or constrictive. Since it has two coats for the price of one, we think this heated jacket is an excellent value.

The White Monte is designed to keep you warm for any type of outdoor activity where the weather conditions might be harsh. Heating the fastest out of all the jackets we tested, it warmed our tester’s chest and back in just 20 seconds. the jacket got extremely hot on the high setting and then self-adjusted to a lower temperature due to the automatic safety shut-off. There is a button on the upper chest of the jacket that depicts the heat settings by blinking red to show it’s warming up or warning that it’s getting too hot, staying solid red for high, blue for medium, and white for the lowest heat setting. While the battery pack felt slightly heavy, it was slim and fit nicely into the designated exterior pocket. For those looking for a stylish and cozy winter jacket with superior heating abilities, this White Monte Men’s Heated Jacket is a must-have.

Made of a lightweight nylon exterior and duck feather down filling, this puffer jacket looks and feels like a regular winter coat and has superior heating abilities. When the jacket was on the high setting, it was nearly too hot for our tester, but thankfully, there are low and medium settings to fit all heating preferences. The jacket earned high scores for having evenly distributed heat that kept our ’s back, stomach, and chest warm. We especially liked that you can check the discreet battery pack to see how much life it has left and that there are two designated pockets on either side of the jacket for easy storage. Other thoughtful features, including a removable fur-lined hood and thumb straps, make this jacket perfect for fall adventures and winter outings.

We feel confident that this jacket would keep you warm in the snow or light rain with the 3.7-volt battery pack that was slim and undetectable in its designated interior pocket. And if the highest temperature is too warm on your back, there are low and medium settings that can be rotated with the click of a button on the battery pack.

We love how comfortable and cozy this jacket is even without the heat turned on, thanks to its soft fleece lining and water- and wind-resistant canvas exterior. When we sprayed water onto the sleeve of the jacket, it did look like the canvas soaked it up, but the interior was completely dry. This leads us to think that while moisture didn’t seep through, you might want to steer clear of heavy rainstorms since the material didn’t repel the water. The slim 5-volt battery rests in an interior White Monte pocket, and it has a USB charging port so you can power up devices. However, the 4.5-hour battery life can decrease quickly if you charge your phone or keep the heat on the highest of the three temperature settings. This coat is machine-washable, and with its durable build, we think the canvas jacket would last for years.

The lightweight puffer heated up quickly and has a cozy down fill, but it wasn’t water-resistant at all and moisture seeped through the sleeve. 

It’s intuitive to set up, and we liked the collar heating, but the battery pack was fairly bulky and noticeable while moving around.

The jacket provided solid heating around the upper back and was generally comfy to wear, but there weren’t any standout features compared to other jackets of the same cost. 

First, our testers looked over the instructions that came with each jacket and placed the battery packs into them, also evaluating features like zipper quality and pocket functionality. The jackets with the best ratings for design were intuitive to set up and turn on, had a comfortable fit, breathable material, and convenient pockets for storing slim and discrete batteries. We took the initial temperatures of the jacket by using a prong thermometer before we turned the heating functions on. Then, we set them to the highest setting and recorded how long it took our testers to feel the warmth circulating. Setting a timer for another 15 minutes, our testers did 10 jumping jacks, sprayed water on the jacket exterior 10 times, and then took the temperature again. The outerwear with the best heating results warmed up quickly while maintaining a comfortable and even temperature throughout testing. The most comfortable jackets were cozy and cushioned and didn’t hinder movement, whether the heat setting was turned on or off. 

The jackets were kept on the high setting for three hours, after which we took one final temperature reading to see how well the battery held up over time. Our testers had no previous knowledge of the price, and after testing was complete, they looked at the cost to judge the value of the product based on its performance.

If you’re planning on using a heated jacket for high-intensity outdoor activities like skiing or winter hiking, you’ll want a coat that’s easy to move around in and has a battery pack that isn’t noticeable. It could be useful to have a jacket that has a button on the exterior for adjusting the heat settings and automatic shut-off or heat level adjustments for hands-free warmth management. For those planning on using a jacket as regular outerwear for commuting or sightseeing, prioritizing style and fit could help you find the best-heated jacket for your activity needs.

Whether you’re looking to wear a heated jacket for sports or everyday use, purchasing one with water-resistant materials is crucial. Heated jackets are often advertised as water-resistant, which means that water may dampen the exterior material but shouldn’t soak through unless you are submerged. Waterproof means that the material should be a barrier against water at all times. While most of the jackets we tested were water-resistant, only a few seemed to be waterproof and repel water completely.

Growing up in the Cascade Mountains, Travel + Leisure Commerce Writer Anna Popp spent every winter skiing and is an expert in staying warm during winter activities. After participating in the lab test where our expert product testers evaluated the jackets, Anna collaborated with our outdoor gear editor to pick the best-heated jackets to keep you warm and cozy.

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